Welcome to my little bit of the Web.
Hi I'm Alan.. AKA Psycocavr in IRC/AIM, etc
My page is really more of a little gallery of the Jeep I drive, the woman I love and have Married,the cats & Dogs I love
and the other people and toys in my life.  I am into Jeeps and off road driving in general.
Here is my Off Road History and the Buildup & present stats / condition of my latest ride. 


Sir Benjamin Pugsley Staiman



************ Breaking News!!!*************

Welcome to the new Year: 2013!

Plans for the year: exercise, Eat well, and enjoy life!


Melanie & Alan Spent New Year's Day at Natural Bridge VA

Pugsley & Teah enjoyed the vacation!


Jeep Videos

Camp Heep 2005 Photos


#jeepís 93xj


#jeepís 98xj


We have 4 Great Grandkids!


Regan, JR, Jesse, & Hailey!

Melanie & Alan are Married!!

The wedding was May14th 2005!!!


Check us out.. all dressed up and pretty at another wedding.

Main  Photo Gallery with Lots and Lots of Jeep Photos!!


Melanie & Alan at a Family gathering in 2004

Melanie and Alan April 2004

Melanie & Alan In Love  At  Love. Love,  Va! (2004)


Alans Jeep!!


My Son Bert The High School Graduate!!!

Here are a LOT of pics of the Graduation and party





Brook Graduates July 1, 2005





Live to Ride, Ride to live
Melanie    I love you now & 4-Ever

I  ILUx4!!!